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The Best Cafe at Punggol

Where to eat at Punggol is the biggest question that most of the sightseers and locals have in their mind. Rise & Grind is not just a normal restaurant; in fact, it’s the place where people get closer and bonds get stronger while gulping down our scrumptious food at Punggol. We try to provide a friendly environment so that you can enjoy your meal as if you are sitting in your own home.

Located in the latest HBD’s next-gen community in Singapore, Rise and Grind Coffee Co in Oasis Terraces prides itself with its Australian inspired brunch, specialty coffee, western delights, and heartfelt service without breaking the bank.

Rise and Grind Coffee Co. is a brand built with passion and dedication to serving dishes of high quality, made with the freshest ingredients and cooked only when ordered. They believed that everyone in Singapore deserves a go-to place, be it a lunch meeting, a birthday celebration, a place to catch up with friends, or a Sunday brunch with family.

Our well-created Brunch menu fits everyone’s requirements from a simple toast with eggs or to one big breakfast. Vegetarian options are also available for those who are in a strict diet or if you’re craving for an all meat item, never miss out on our Pulled Pork Benedict

We provide the best breakfast and brunch at Punggol Oasis Terraces Mall

We are not just a place for Brunch, we serve Lunch and dinner as well! A well structured menu may be seen here. There’s plenty of varieties to choose from – gourmet pizzas, cooked to perfection steaks, pasta tossed in house-made sauces or well-seasoned burgers sandwiched in a soft brioche bun.

Here at Rise and Grind Coffee Co, the patron’s satisfaction is our topmost priority. We make certain that you feel welcome from the moment you walk into the moment you leave the café.

Electrify your Senses with the Goodness of Coffee Beans

If you are stressed, blessed, and Coffee Obsessed, Rise & Grind is the true match for you. A cup of finely roasted and infused coffee beans is enough to change your mind. Even the aroma of our coffee can give you a boost of happiness. Espresso, Mocha, Piccolo, Chai Tea Latte, and Red Velvet Latte are the names of beauties you will be served with.

Our Coffee Masters indulge the delightful java with milk and other ingredients in such a way that when you sip it, you live it. So take your favorite blend of coffee inside your mouth, level-up your energy, and revitalize your soul. Book a table in the cafe at Punggol, where you can revive your mind!

A Place where Enticing Food Nourish the Relationships

When you step inside the Rise & Grind, you are not just a client, indeed, you become a part of our family. While talking of family and care, we have a special Kids section that will bring a big smile on the face of your adorable angel. Dishes likes – Pancake, scrambled egg, French Toast, and Ham & Cheese sandwich are cooked for your loved one with lots of love and tender care. That’s how you get the best western food at Punggol for your little ones.

While making your order, begin with something sweet such as buttermilk pancake, Banana Hazelnut Brioche French Toast, and some morning crunch from our menu. When you don’t have time for breakfast at Punggol, our Brunch Menu will bring water inside your mouth. The Pulled Pork Benedict, Avo-Ka-Dukkah, Smoked Salmon Benedict, and a variety of Steak & Egg is all ready to add some goodness to your life. So pick your favorite ones from our menu to have the appetizing brunch at Punggol.

Our divine Appetizers like Truffle Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Crispy Wings, Macho Nacho, Onion Rings, and Golden Chicken Nuggets can be your favorite hunger busters. If you think that’s it, there’s more you can eat at Punggol. The bubbly beer collection will brighten up your life and mood altogether.

Of course, no meal is complete without the toothsome Desserts. After a savory course, you won’t say no to our epicurean dessert – Buttermilk Waffle, Affogato, Home-Made Brownie, Ice Cream, and Belgian Choco Lava Cake will take you to the next level of food enjoyment.

Whether you are hanging out here by yourself or having the time of your life with loved ones, all these lucrative delicacies will change your mood and make your life happy. We have seen many relationships taking new dawn at our tables; it can work for you too.